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Motor Driven Fans & Blowers



Our custom built AC/DC fans and blowers are efficient, lightweight, zero maintenance units which deliver air at high static pressure with superior efficiencies at low noise levels. MMI’s high performance air movers, vane-axials, tube-axial, centrifugal fans, are typically used for air circulation for cooling and ventilating in Military, Navy, Air borne as well as commercial applications.



DC Blower Motor 
Model No. 32D-0613 

Helicopter Application

Voltage 28 VDC 
RPM 7800
CFM 200 at 2.0 in static pressure Torque 32 oz-in
Horsepower 0.250 HP 
Poles 2 
Length 5.55 inches
Diameter 6.80 inches


Model No. 25DV-0435

Bradley A3: 25MM Cannon Exhaust

Voltage 27 VDC
Current 20 A, Max at Load 
RPM 8650 min Poles 2 
Length 6.5 inches
Diameter 5.37 inches
Fan Diameter 4.93 inches
CFM 460


DC Vaneaxial Fan Motor 
Model No. 30DV-0575 

Helicopter (HVAC system) Condenser unit

Voltage 27 VDC
Current 37.4-45.7 A 
RPM 8000 min
CFM 1100 at 3.6 in static pressure Torque 128 oz-in
Horsepower 1.0 HP 
Poles 4 
Length 7.0 inches
Diameter 9.5 inches
Fan Diameter 8.0 inches


DC Centrifugal Fan 
Model No. 30DB-0361

M88A2 Hercules Recovery Vehicle 

Voltage 24 VDC
Current 10 A RPM 3200 min
Length 10.375 inches
Diameter 8.75 inches
CFM 285 Min at free Air


DC Vaneaxial Blower Motor 
Model No. 30DV-0572 

Military Application, Vane Axial Fan

RPM 11,700 min at free air
Diameter 6.50 inches
Fan diameter 4.96 inches
CFM 300 at 2.25 in static pressure Voltage 24 VDC 
Torque 18 oz-in
Horsepower 0.23 HP 
Poles 2 
Length 6.03 inches
Weight 6.0 lbs max


AC Vaneaxial Fan
Model 50M-0589

Navy portable exhaust

Voltage 115 V
Frequency 60 Hz
Nominal Torque 6.0 lb-in Nominal Speed 3500 rpm
Nominal Current 5.2 A
Phases 1 / Poles 2
Length 26.5 inches
Diameter 14.0 inches